The factor structure of the peer-feedback orientation scale (PFOS): toward a measure for assessing students’ peer- feedback dispositions

This study reports on the quantitative findings of an exploratory sequen- tial mixed methods study in which the underlying factor structure of students’ peer-feedback orientation (i.e. openness to provide and receive peer-feedback) was investigated. …

A Framework Towards Educational Scalability of Open Online Courses

Although the terms scale and scalable are often used in the context of Open Online Education (OOE), there is no clear definition about these concepts from an educational perspective on the course level. This paper critically discusses the origins of …

Challenges of realising scalable open education with (peer) feedback

Kalz, M. (2019). Challenges of realising scalable open education with (peer) feedback. Invited keynote at the Open HPI Forum, 28. November 2019, HPI Potsdam, Germany.