Using Nextcloud as project management system

Due to lack of good open source project management systems and deficiencies of federal solutions and lack of a local system, I have explored again Nextcloud as an open source option for project management.

Redefining my writing workflow

One of the things I have started recently is a book-project. For this purpose I have been working on a new writing workflow which combines reference management, reading, highlighting and note-taking, writing and publishing.

Backup strategy for Knowledge-workers under MacOS

If your productice work is 100% happening in digital environments the secure and reliable backup of data becomes a necessity and data-loss can have serious implications for all kind of processes.

Window management for professional knowledge workers

Since many years I am using at least one external monitor for work and it has supported my productivity a lot. During an intensive time of online-meetings and online-teaching in the last 3 years I have extended my setup with another external screen so that I have three screens available.

Restarting my personal knowledge management

The break and transition into the new year is always a time for me to optimise my workflows or to explore some changes in the way I handle information, tasks or communication.

Implications of the new Twitter Academic Research product track

Twitter has recently announced that it will make the so called “full archive search” available for academic research. Until this change, it was either very costly (by paying for the enterprise version) or it took very long to build an archive of tweets (for example via the very good TAGS tool).