New Learning Opportunities in a Networked World: Developing a Research Agenda on Innovative uses of ICTs for Learning and Teaching


The research aims to establish a relevant research agenda on issues of new digital learning opportunities. Experts in advanced technologies for educational purposes were consulted about how these could impact education in developing countries: open educational resources (OER); massive open online courses (MOOCs); social networking; learning analytics; mobile and seamless learning; serious games and open linked data. The ‘Integration of technology in classroom’ and ‘ICT‐enabled pedagogy’ clusters score high on importance. The group concept mapping (GCM) study supported results in the theme of open education: OER, MOOCs, networked learning and mobile technologies act as a hub for techno‐pedagogical innovations.

IDRC report

Kirschner, P. A., Boon, J., Janssen, J., Prinsen, F., McKenney, S., Kester, L., Stoyanov, S., Westera, W., Specht, M., de Laat, M., Kalz, M. & Drachsler, H. (2015). New learning opportunities in a networked world: developing a research agenda on innovative uses of ICTS for learning and teaching. IDRC report. IDRC:Canada.

Marco Kalz
Marco Kalz
Professor of Educational Technology

My research interests is on open education, pervasive technologies and formative assessment to support (lifelong) learning and knowledge construction.