Uncontrollable GOLLEM-AI and the total decoding and synthesizing of reality

You have read that I am criticizing the discourse on AI here in the last weeks and I have made a call for regulation of AI in education. But I have really underestimated the potential harmful effects which are coming through the uncontrolled release of Generative Large Language Multi-Modal Models (GOLLEMS).

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin of the Center for Humane Technology are developing in the video below a very well-grounded summary of the catastrophic risks of the current generation of AI on many fundamental aspects of societies and they are right to demand responsibility and a discourse about potential unwanted effects of large powerful tech-companies striving for market domination through a rat-race for the most powerful GOLLEMS.

If you have one hour today, this is the best video currently available on the dangers of the current generation of AI. Watch it and talk about it!

Marco Kalz
Marco Kalz
Professor of Educational Technology

My research interests is on open education, pervasive technologies and formative assessment to support (lifelong) learning and knowledge construction.